A Chainlink external adapter for securely executing custom Node.js code

* Please note, this video is out of date. New functionality has been added since the video was posted.

Fetch data from any API or website

Write JavaScript code using built-in Node.js modules to make HTTP requests and fetch data from any API or website.

Process data with JavaScript

Send custom code which is executed off-chain and have the result is sent back to the contract as bytes32, int256, uint256, string or, bytes.

Use private variables

Private variables, such as API keys, can stored off-chain by uploading them to the Chainlink node's encrypted storage. They can then be used in a request, without being exposed on-chain.

Upload JavaScript files to IPFS

Instead of sending a large string containing custom code, the external adapter can also fetch and execute JavaScript files that have been uploaded to IPFS.

Simulate external adapter calls

Use the simulator to make test calls to the external adapter and verify the custom JavaScript code is working correctly before deploying to a contract.

Automatically generate Solidity

The simulator generates Solidity code which can be pasted into a smart contract. Also, the web app can be used to easily upload code files via Web3.Storage.

Available on Polygon Mumbai

The adapter is available for the Polygon Mumbai testnet through a Chainlink node hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

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